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Hello all you pluckers out there! Once again I have to apologise for my absence and indeed the absence of the site in general. We have had a number of issues with the server, host etc. and this has resulted in a number of changes that I will now clarify.

Firstly, videos will no longer be included in the packages due to the huge size of the files that were resulting in many servers particularly in countries and areas with slow download speeds to time-out or even to crash altogether! Since the videos are ALL available on YouTube this shouldn't provide too much of a problem but anyone requiring the original video file can request it direct from me by application and a small additional service fee. Hopefully this will enable me to concentrate on more productivity and streamlining the service for a quicker turnaround.

Secondly, whilst nearly all of my original album tracks are available as backing tracks the site, for the time being, is concentrating only on those we have the performance videos and tablature for though the others are available on request. In time I hope to have performance videos and tabs for nearly all of my original tracks as well as the long awaited cover versions I have been promising!

We now have a new host that should prove quicker and more reliable and

new video recording equipment so watch this space for many new packages that are on the way over the forthcoming weeks ahead.

Gracias Amigos


March 2014


June 2014

Well I've finally gotten to grips with my new camera and work has begun on some new videos and backing tracks. Just visit the 'covers' section of the site and see for yourself. More on the way shortly!

November 2014

The eagle eyed among you will have noticed that a large volume of tracks from my catalogue of albums are now available in backing track format. It is my hope that I will replace the full album videos with live performance videos so that you can see the track played as it should be. This will be progressively done over the winter months ahead. Stayed tuned and stay warm!

December 2014

Well the silly season is upon us all us once again but with all the extra holidays this may afford many the time to learn some new music so don't forget to check out the new backing tracks I have recently posted. I am working hard on a new album so after that I hope to add a few more along with additional live performance videos.

Now just a note of clarification to the one or two who haved complained about the price of my tracks...usually after having already purchased them! Yes it is true that there are sites selling backing tracks for 2 or 3 dollars but they DON'T sell mine and they generally DON'T sell spanish guitar based backing tracks and they certainly DON'T sell the artists ORIGINAL backing tracks and they DON'T include a licence for performance as they DON'T own the copyright of the tracks...unlike mine...and they DON'T include tablatures at all...and they DON'T have FREE high definition live performance videos available etc. etc.

So if you still think the price is unfair then YOU MAKE YOUR OWN to the same level as mine and with all the trimmings and I'll give you a couple of dollars for them...

Stay warm folks and I'll speak to you in the new year!

October 2015

OK so you think not too much has been happening here but I can happily report to you I have a new CD on way! Following its release I shall be making videos of many of the tracks and offering the backing tracks for sale directly here for anyone interested in learning or performing my new material.

See you all soon!

November 2015

Good news! My latest album 'Alchemy' is now available for purchase as a digital download directly from the CD-Store page of this site. I hope to have backing tracks of many of the works available very shortly.

February 2016

Well the new year is well under way and I have plenty of new backing tracks to put up over the next few weeks so watch this space!

The more eagle-eyed among you will have noticed that tabs are now sold seperately from the backing tracks. This helps to make it clearer which tracks contain tabs and which don't as well as offering a fairer price for those of you who only require the tabs.

Anybody wishing to use these tracks for your own commercial CD release should contact me regards this possibility.

August 2016

I am happy to announce I am now offering to the public the EcoPick - my own bespoke custom designed guitar pick. For more info click here: EcoPick

May 2018

You'll be pleased to learn that my latest album of well loved classical and romantic themes 'Heartstrings' is now available for sale and shortly I will be releasing a number of backing tracks off the album for sale here.

Watch this space!

Feb 2019

AVAILABLE AT LAST! I have finally got around to listing all the backing tracks off my last two albums Alchemy and Heartstrings. At the moment there are no performance videos demonstrating these tracks but I hope to start uploading these over the forthcoming months.

Nov 2019

GOOD NEWS! I am now in the process of uploading live performance videos of all the tracks off my Heartstrings album over the course of the next couple of weeks. The backing tracks used in these videos are already available from this website under the Heartstrings link in the menu above. These are simple to play and fun to perform. ENJOY!

Feb 2020

SALE!!!! Following a slight revamp of the website I am now for a peroid of time dramtically reducing the price of my backing tracks from £12.99 down to £6.99, nearly 50% off!!!

Feb 2023

All backing tracks are now offered for donation and will be sent out via e-mail usually within 24 hours of purchase.